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Digitize and create your operating guides from your 3D, in a simple, intuitive and secure way. 

Export them, via tablets, where your operators need them, to guide them in the assembly of your product.

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Create operating guides and broadcast them where you need them has never been easier! 

AVA OP, c'est quoi ?
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Reduced machine downtime and costs

Reduced maintenance time

Improved productivity

Limitation of the risks of data loss

Reduction of human failures on security protocols


Capitalization on operations already carried out

Adopting AVA M allows you to efficiently manage your maintenance toextend the life of your product or machine park, reduce costsAndimprove operations.

With AVA M,generate maintenance actionsfaster and more efficient and instantly collect all the information during the procedure following checklists in order toensure the traceability and recording of the actions carried out. 

How it works ?

As part of preventive maintenance, the maintenance technician isalerted on the part to be changed. From his tablet, he selects the maintenance procedure to repair the component before any breakdown or failure occurs.


Step by step, the technician is guided by manipulable and interactive 3D to disassemble, change the component and reassemble your product.

Scheduled maintenance inspection

As part of a periodic maintenance inspection, the technician, equipped with the AVA M application on his tablet, accesses the guide todisassemble the product and identify any component failures in good time. On visual inspection, a part is defective. The technician launches the previously configured actions to clean, replace or reassemble the part. Once the inspection is completed and approved, its checks are traced and uploaded to your system (eg maintenance log).

At each of these actions, the system records the technician's journeyto capitalize on the activities carried out in order to anticipate future procedures.Automatically, new guides are generated according to the actions performed and recorded by the technician to form a useful basis for the proper functioning of the equipment.
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With AVA M, improve your intervention times, limit the risks of data loss and human failures on your maintenance protocols!
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