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AVA is a technology 
that reveals the
3D data of
objects around you

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Have you lost the instructions for your food processor? Do you want to adjust your thermostat but you don't know how to proceed? Need help putting together your latest purchase?

With AVA, everything becomes easier!

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To guide you in your daily life, AVA uses the 3D of the products around you. Thanks to our artificial intelligence technology, 3D data is detected, recognized and identified, then projected in real life with AVIRIS, our augmented vision headset.

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Result ? Tasks that seems complex become easier, take less time, without any risk of error.

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What if 3D data from the industrial world simplified your life ?

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AVA’s singularity is to transform these industrial data and to make them available to the general public. How do we do this  ?
By generating a learning dataset from this 3D data, unlike what exists today. 

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All companies generate a 3D to design a
product, before manufacturing it. 

From this database, AVA is able to detect and recognize objects in real life. Moreover, via an application, it makes this database usable in order to add to these 3D, informative data or instructions for the assembly of the product to restore them in augmented reality.



In this context, we have created our own augmented vision headset named AVIRIS. Thus, the inert product comes to life through augmented reality.


With AVA ,
the inert  comes to life.
A revolution for
our daily life.

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Thanks to the complementary between AVA, our unique 3D-based AI technology, and AVIRIS, our augmented vision headset, we simplify your life. Assembly or maintenance procedures become intuitive.


Lost in front of the interface of your connected thermostat?
AVA will show you where to find the data to understand the system and the functionalities.


You don’t know where to turn when faced with the multitude of parts and screws that make up your new furniture? With AVA, the 3D data of your product is accessible as well as its operating mode. All you have to do is let yourself be guided, step by step, thanks to the detection and recognition of the parts around you and the assembly instructions.


In the apartment you rented on the weekend, you can’t manage to adjust the thermostat properly? Rely on the augmented reality instructions left by the owner where you will find in detail all the functionalities and gestures to perform.

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AVA, the technology that reveals 3D data of the products around you.

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