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Provide digital
for your retrofiteurs

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You retrofit products and vehicles, with or without a network.

You need to build a complete technical documentation without the resources of a manufacturer


You don't have access to all the manufacturer's data

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You need to upskill inexperienced and novice staff

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You need to train and pass on your know-how to your distribution network

Create and transmit comprehensive, didactic operating guides to your retrofitters

Opérateur en plein procédure de retrofit
Vidéo de l'application AVA sur le montage d'un châssis de voiture
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Capitalize on your know-how

Retrofitting is a niche market scattered across the country. For operators and technicians, the retrofit operation remains a challenge. Equipped with a tablet, they can access retrofit guides appropriate to the products they are working on. Step by step, they follow the instructions, visualizing and interacting with 3D to better understand the assembly.

In the event of 3D changes or modifications to the guide, it is updated automatically, anywhere in the world. In this way, retrofitters benefit from a digital, more intuitive and always up-to-date guide. Where 3D information is lacking, scanning of parts and environments is an alternative.

Technicien en train de procéder au retrofit d'un véhicule


Autonomy for inexperienced technicians

Controlled digital communication for your network

Quickly create your process

Cela donne de la valeur à la documentation technique retrofit.png


This adds value to technical documentation

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A tool for easy

On crée des processus d’assemblage plus simplement en ordonnant la production.png


Assembly processes can be created more simply by scheduling production

Logiciel AVA OP avec construction d'une guide sur le châssis d'un véhicule
Vidéo de l'application AVA sur le montage d'un châssis de voiture
Opérateur à l'extérieur avec une tablette AVA pour être guidé dans l'assemblage de son produit
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