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from € 1740/year

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Subscription SAAS solution, available from €1740/year*.

For 1 AVA OP creator and 10 AVA (tablet) users.

* For our first 100 customers

The Customer Experience support team will help you design and implement the best solution adapted to your needs. 

AVA offers complementary services tailored to your needs.
We can provide you with specific development solutions, outsourced surgical guide creation or 3D scanning, on request.

An AVA application
in your colors

AVA offers the possibility of white-labeling the application, customizing it entirely in line with your brand identity. It can be rebranded under a name that better corresponds to your company, and faithfully reproduce your graphic charter to make it a 100% customized application.

White labeling is one of the options offered by AVA, and is the subject of specific development.

No time or means to create your own guides?
AVA takes care of it!

Are you interested in the AVA application, but don't have the in-house capacity to create your own guides?

AVA provides you with a team of methods engineers to optimize your product assembly and create a high-performance operating guide. You'll be able to use the AVA visualization application, manipulating your 3D and following the steps for your assembly operations, on site or off.

Illustration AVA OP pour construire  un guide opératoire 3D ludique et interactif d'un vélo

No 3D of your product or machine? AVA can reproduce its digital twin for you.

Scanner vos produits pour acquérir leur jumeau numérique.jpeg

To reconstruct your product's definition file in its entirety, and obtain a 3D digital mock-up that is faithful to the product's physical parts, we use 3D scanning.


Based on the point clouds generated, the AVA team reassembles the parts in the digital mock-up, which is now complete, to start creating your 3D and interactive operating guides.

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